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Canva - Essential Cinnamon Oil

Zhou Nutrition

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Zhou Nutrition creates supplements that provide your body with the essential nutrition it needs for peak performance. They partnered with 97th Floor to increase sales through paid advertising. 97th Floor noticed the ROAS from the shopping campaign was low, and overall the campaign was not performing well.

Canva - Thyme Essential Oil Bottle


The supplement space can be competitive, costly, and littered with compliance issues. Adjusting bids higher would have drastic results. Too high a bid and we can expect an unprofitable ROAS, and too low would mean poor visibility and too little conversions to justify the management. 97th Floor pivoted from a manual shopping campaign to a smart shopping campaign, which leans into Google’s AI to set correct bids for a profitable ROAS. 97th Floor provided minor tweaks to the ads themselves, which, when combined with the smart shopping campaigns, lead to a record-breaking ROAS for Zhou Nutrition.




When the smart shopping campaign was at 62% lower ad spend, the following results came in: 

  • 26% increase in purchases
  • 74% decrease in cost per purchase
  • 72% increase in ROAS
When running ads on Facebook, ROAS is everything. Today, Zhou Nutrition can rely on their Facebook ads to drive a ROAS worth doubling down on.