company culture

The culture of 97th Floor isn’t defined by ping pong tables or nerf basketball hoops. Yes, we have fun but those things are a result of our culture, they don’t create it. Our company culture is strong and always expanding. Some of the main aspects of our culture are the following.

  • Great colleagues create a great workplace. We only keep “A” players.
  • We never stop learning, testing and challenging ourselves.
  • We show our values by hiring, promoting and rewarding individuals that demonstrate curiosity, passion, innovation, honesty, selflessness and others.
  • Our actions and results for clients speak louder than our conference speeches, blog posts and Tweets. We are thought leaders but more importantly, doers.
  • We celebrate failure. If there is fear of failure there is no innovation or creativity. As long as we learn and improve quickly, failure isn’t a negative.
  • We empower our team with autonomy, mastery and purpose.

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