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Palomar is a patent pending software suite for digital marketers developed by 97th Floor.


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What is Palomar?

Palomar is a patent pending software suite for digital marketers developed by 97th Floor. The toolset inside Palomar analyzes large mountains of data in real-time to create a clear-cut digital strategy.

Marketers often waste months if not years researching and testing in an attempt to figure out what their customers want. Marketing teams using Palomar are able to fast-track the data collection and analysis process and spend more time creating creative campaigns that connect with their audience.



Customer Search Intent

Palomar takes the guesswork out of keyword research. By analyzing large data sets of search terms and combining that data with ROI-focused metrics, marketing teams won’t just know the search terms they should target, they will know exactly which ones will pull in the absolute best ROI.

Semantic Analysis

Semantic Analysis

It’s not enough to know what topic your brand should be talking about. More importantly, is how your brand talks about it. By analyzing other pages on the web that talk about your topic, Palomar gives marketing teams the additional context that is important and valuable to the user.

SERP Intelligence

SERP Intelligence

Palomar’s SERP Intelligence crawls through all of the content on the web that competes with your content. After a thorough analysis, Palomar will not only tell you what to speak on and how to speak about it, but how your on and off page SEO should be configured in order to rank for your desired target keyword.

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