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R.I.C.E Prioritization Template

Get Your SEO Projects On Track!

Using the RICE method can help you and your team make more effective use of resources and achieve goals more efficiently.


Rice Prioritization Template by 97th Floor




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RICE is an evaluation model that quantifies and prioritizes projects, developed by Intercom, a business communications software company.

The RICE acronym stands for four crucial factors in project evaluation:


(Reach x Impact x Confidence)


  • Reach: Measures the number of users that will be affected by the project within a specific period, for example, 5,000 people per quarter.
  • Impact: Scores how significant the project's impact will be for those users affected, measured from 1-4. A score of 1 indicates low impact, while a score of 4 indicates massive impact.
  • Confidence: Assesses the credibility of data supporting the claims of reach and impact, expressed as a percentage.
  • Effort: Measures the necessary investment of time and resources to complete the project, represented as people*weeks. For example, 2 people working for 2 weeks give an effort score of 4.


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How to use the RICE prioritization framework template:


  1. Get the Template
  2. Make a copy of the template and save in your Google Drive.  

  3. Begin by identifying the project or initiative you want to evaluate. Enter the name of the project in the first row of the first column labeled "Initiative."

  4. Evaluate and enter the projects Goal, RICE Score, and Data sources behind your conclusions. 

  5. The RICE score for the project will automatically calculate based on the values entered in the four evaluation factor columns.

  6. Repeat steps 3-8 for each project or initiative you want to evaluate.

  7. Once you have evaluated all of your projects or initiatives, sort the rows in the sheet by their RICE score, starting with the highest score. This will help you prioritize your projects based on their potential impact and effort required.

Best practices and tips for customizing the template to fit different projects:


  • Be as objective as possible when estimating the values for each evaluation factor. Avoid subjective biases that could impact your scoring.
  • Use data and research to support your estimates for the Reach, Impact, and Confidence factors.
  • Consider breaking down larger initiatives into smaller, more manageable projects to more accurately estimate Effort.
  • Customize the template to fit your specific needs (Just be sure to Make a Copy.)
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