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Accountant in the Rage Cage


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eFileCabinet is a document management software company. While the software was cutting-edge, the industry was stagnant.

The marketing efforts from eFileCabinet to this point had all been outsourced, and they were getting little traction. After a limited engagement with 97th Floor, eFileCabinet hired 97th Floor to run all digital channels. Together we determined the following needs:

  • Increase in leads from organic and paid media efforts
  • A holistic marketing automation and CRM rollout via HubSpot
  • User-focused content marketing intended to move users down our workflows
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SEO and paid media strategies melded together to drive qualified top-funnel traffic into workflows created in HubSpot. Content was built with insight gained from customer interviews, and then delivered to leads throughout their journey.

Our omni-channel campaigns were a success, but when eFileCabinet expressed that their trade show presence has been a little lackluster, we took that to challenge. When they brought up this challenge we took it to task.

We went on to create what would later be called the Rage Cage. The idea was simple in principle, we set up a room at an accounting conference full of old office equipment where visitors could smash away to their heart’s content. We collected information from these individuals and set up a workflow in HubSpot to pitch the benefits and details of the software. 


The Rage Cage would go on to be an award winning campaign that would drive the highest influx in MQLs in a single month, which contributed to the following:
  • 800+ new contacts
  • 2,000+ influenced contacts
  • 100+ closed deals
97th Floor’s SEO, paid media, automation, and creative efforts continue to drive success for eFileCabinet in concrete ways.
Today eFileCabinet's marketing channels speak to each other and pivot based on signals from each other. Because the funnels are so well planned and executed, when we draw in customers with awareness stage content, we can rest assured that the right people will convert with our campaigns.