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In the world of big-data cloud computing, Qubole was a relative newcomer with a lot to offer. Qubole built an entirely self-managing and self-optimizing data platform that can analyze vast stores of complex data.


Even though Qubole was enjoying working with a number of big-name clients, there was a problem: For interested parties, the journey from lead to customer was a long one. New prospects just weren’t coming through the sales pipeline quickly enough. 


When Qubole came to 97th Floor, they were looking for a comprehensive organic digital strategy to help address this. They specifically needed high-quality landing pages and blog content, improved keyword rankings, hyper-targeted traffic, and improved conversions.



In order to help Qubole take charge of its customer journey, 97th Floor created a digital marketing strategy that included:

  • keyword research
  • content marketing
  • social media action
  • conversion rate optimization
  • targeted lead acquisition mapping
  • nurture campaigns
  • landing page optimization


97th Floor's strategy led to a 600% increase in organic traffic and a 300% increase in qualified organic leads. It landed first-page search result rankings for 376 targeted keywords. And, it captured the number-one spot for more than 20 of Qubole’s key product terms.


In addition to bringing in new leads and improving sales, the 97th Floor strategy did something extraordinary — it revolutionized Qubole’s buyer’s cycle. Where once leads would move slowly through the pipeline, emerging eight months later as full-fledged customers, now that journey takes less than half the time. We’re talking about a 240-day sales cycle getting cut down to only 90 days.

Today, Qubole's buyer's cycle has been cut down from 240 days to just 90 days. This means faster sales and more revenue for our client.