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Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz

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The Utah Jazz, like most NBA teams, struggled to sell tickets during the summer league games. At the same time, the Jazz was dead last in their social media following out of all teams in the NBA.

Summer season tickets are relatively inexpensive, which is usually a good thing. But the low ticket prices made paid media endeavors difficult to earn a positive ROAS. In short, the Utah Jazz needed the following:

  • To sell out the lower bowl for the summer season
  • To achieve a positive ROAS on Facebook for ticket sales
To move from the last in the league social followers to a top 25 team

They approached 97th Floor for help. Thankfully, we understood the challenges involved — and we're always happy to support the home team.


We appreciate the advanced targeting capabilities on Facebook, and we were especially eager because of all the audience segmentation we were sure to utilize for the Utah Jazz. We began by fanning out the audience network so we would have a large enough sample to conduct tests and validate findings quickly.

Testing included running ad campaigns that highlighted different players and media. We would eventually expand to target non-Utah Jazz audiences with a variety of audience segmentation.


Once our messaging, media, and targeting was validated, we began testing the ad velocity and found that when ad spend was increased during announcements made by the Utah Jazz, ticket sales increased. It wasn’t long before our sales-focused ads were bringing in a positive ROAS. Additionally our Facebook fans continued to grow until the Jazz had gone from the lowest fans on Facebook to a top 25 team, about a 500,000 fan (40%) increase. Not bad for a small-market team.

The project reached unprecedented success when the summer season closed out with consistently sold-out lower bowl seats, and a record-high number of fans on social media — two first-time victories for the Utah Jazz.