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Vivint Solar

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Vivint Solar is a door to door solar juggernaut. Virtually all closed deals came from a door to door salesman, and if it wasn't a knock on your door, it was a phone call from Vivint Solar's inside sales team.

This strategy worked for years, but as new players on the residential solar players came onto the scene Vivint Solar was playing catch up and recapture a larger audience with digital channels. In order to achieve their goals, Vivint Solar needed to:

  • Increase in non branded traffic
  • Recover market share from new competitors
  • Strategy that would scale and compound over time

We prescribed a content-driven SEO strategy that would go on to transform their business into digital dominance.



By targeting intent based keywords with our blog content and optimizations, we drastically increased the amount of non branded traffic coming to the site. And because the keywords were all intent based, they contributed to leads and eventually closed deals. Because Vivint Solar had hundreds of locales across the country, we used local SEO to drive local organic inquiries. And our link-building campaign ensured that all of the content produced would rank for the keywords they were intended for. 

Our strategy encompassed.

  • Technical adherence
  • SEO-driven blog buildout
  • Optimize existing content
  • Link-building to new content
  • Local SEO buildout


Before 97th Floor began working with Vivint Solar, only 5% of their organic traffic was nonbranded, and today 1/3 of all visitors are coming from non branded keywords. Organic traffic has increased by over 40% YoY, which has contributed to a comparable rise in revenue. This increase in traffic and conversions has contributed to the increase of hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue.

Today Vivint Solar is solidified as a leader in residential solar on the streets as well as the web. Their prospective customers are finding them on their own and not waiting for a knock on the door.