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Vivint Solar

In this online age, a digital marketing presence is an absolute necessity. That said, if you’ve built your brand around non-digital marketing and sales strategies, creating an effective digital game plan from the ground up can be difficult. Where do you start? And how can you best leverage existing (and future) assets for improved search engine rankings and organic traffic? 


When they began working with 97th Floor, Vivint Solar was facing a similar dilemma. They had built an effective business model from door-to-door sales and call centers, but they just weren’t leveraging their digital assets to connect with potential customers. And given that the home solar industry was just beginning to grow, Vivint Solar needed a way to address this problem quickly, before one of its competitors beat them to the punch to become the leading authority. 


Well, 97th Floor knows how to work fast. 

Vivint Solar


In this case study, we take a closer look at the digital strategy we used to help establish Vivint Solar as the name in home solar. This includes:


  • Optimizing existing content
  • Using in-depth marketing and audience research to build new content
  • Creating detailed content outlines for the in-house team to work off of
  • Building authoritative backlink profiles for each piece of content 


Hit the ground running with your digital strategy. 97th Floor knows how to turn your site into the effective marketing and sales tool you need. We helped Vivint Solar significantly increase its organic site traffic, and we can do the same for you.


Request a case study today, and get ready to enjoy your day in the sun. 


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